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When most people meet Tommy and I for the first time, we can usually see their confused and curious looks on their faces straight away. We have a 16 year age difference between us. However, going by outside appearances alone, he doesn’t look like he is 43 but a bit younger. Tragically, this is canceled out by the fact that I don’t look like I am 27 but more 20. Give or take. In all honesty, anyone who knows us knows how amazing we are together. We truly have a solid, loving relationship and i can’t imagine my life without Tommy in it. As cliche as it sounds, he truly is my rock; and I truly believe we are soul-mates.

Of course, it can’t be all rainbows and smiles. Sometimes being with an older or younger siginificant other means that you have to deal with people and their judgemental opinions:

Top Misconceptions about our relationship:

1. Tommy must be a millionaire and I am only with him for his money. This one is the one that we get a good laugh about all the time. Sure, Tommy has a respectable job (a job that he works about 90 hours a week at) but he is by far Snoop-Dawg status. We live a comfortable life and do have blessings — but the kicker is that when I started dating him he was going through a nasty divorce and had just about nothing.

2. I must be the “young, hottie” that he will not take seriously, and of course, never marry. Well, the engagement thing threw these thinkers for a loop.

3. Since I don’t work, I must be living high off the hog. Yes, I don’t work but for good reason. Since Tommy and I just got enaged and I have been in school for the last 4 years, I was relying on financial aid to pay for school. Tommy and I did the math and if I had gotten a job and lost my aid, it would be less beneficial to us as a family.

4. Since Tommy has been married before and has two children – he won’t want to do either of those things with me. Well, the marriage thing we already touched upon. And honestly, Tommy has been amazing about our wedding. He has told me that because it is my first time, (and only time) getting married, I should have it all and it should be everything I want and more. He isn’t the slightest bit jaded from marriage (and tbh he should be with everything that his ex-wife did to him) and this fact is just one more reason why he is so amazing.

5. The final misconception about our relationship is that I am the ‘young, crazy’ one and he must go to bed at 8pm because he is older. We are the complete opposite of this stereotype. I can’t keep up with Tommy if I tried. When we go out to the club dancing, I am the one that turns into a pumpkin around 1:30 am. Tommy on the other hand, could easily go out all night long and never get tired. He has boundless energy and love for life and sometimes I wish I could be an energy sucker and get some of that shit for myself.


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