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Summer is by far my favorite time of year. Unlike most New Englanders, I actually LOVE the humidity and the 95 degree days. When Summer actually starts here in the Bean is up for debate. By the end of April, most of us are so miserable due to the winter that we usually ‘pretend’ the weather is summer-like. That is when things get sketchy: girls in booty shorts, flip flops worn in 50 degree weather, guys in cut off jean shorts circa 1990. You get the idea. And I would love to be able to say that things get better here as the real summer weather approaches, but it doesn’t. It just gets worse…

Shit that’s Annoying about People in the Summer:

1. Big Sunglasses

I am all for rocking out a pair of nice sunglasses, especially during the summer. A good pair of sunglasses can you from feeling drab to fab in minutes. That being said, sunglasses are just like any other thing you were: they need to ‘fit’ you. Sadly, a whole lot of people missed the memo on this one (men included) and both sexes are wearing some big-ass sunglasses this summer. Some of the sunglasses I have seen are absolutely, positively too big and look, well..  dumb. My feeling is that if your sunglasses literally take up half of your face, you may want to consider getting a smaller pair. Unless you have something to hide…

2.  Tanning

This has to split in two because it just that serious, clearly (thanks Jersey Shore)

Sunless Tanning:

I understand the spray tanning phenomenon, I really do. People are flocking to spray tanning salons because they aren’t really feeling the whole skin cancer thing. That’s cool. What is not cool, however, is all the people walking around looking like they just rolled around in a bag of Doritos. This whole “I am orange and my face and body look dirty” look I am just not understanding…

Extreme Tanning:

Personally, I like a summer glow. I don’t like walking around completely pale, and with a SPF 30 I can still get that summer glow without looking like a complete leather-face. However, I draw the line at those who spend their entire ‘tanning’. It is like the Snooki wanna-be’s are taking over the world..

I also don’t understand those that people I see at the pool and beach who are completely sunburned from head to toe (and still out in the sun) These smarty pants must the people that completely convince themselves that they are brown when they really are red… You know who I am talking about; everyone knows one.

3.  Unnecessary Skin Showing

Summer = warmer weather = less clothing. I get it. I really do. This is more about those that deem it necessary to walk around with their ass hanging out of their shorts/skirts. Or better yet, think I want to see them walking around in public in their two-sizes-too-small swim suit on (and nothing else) Please don’t get me wrong, I am all for embracing our bodies and rocking what our mama’s gave us but on the other side of that, I also feel it is important to know what works for us and what doesn’t and think that we should keep our bodies sacred and not walk around with everything hanging out all over the place…


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I would like to consider myself a well-traveled person. I have been on a lot of planes and on quite a few holidays. Yet there is always that gem that feels it necessary to make the plane absolutely suck-ass for everyone else. These are the people that make traveling on a plane – well – annoying:

1. The Smelly Food Person

I am a snacker. There is probably never a time where I don’t have a portable snack on my person, and a plane ride is no different. Whether it be chips, a protein bar, or even candy — I get bored on long flights and eating helps my boredom. What can I say?

On one flight I was on, the woman sitting in the aisle seat in our row was also hungry. Except she didn’t pull out a little snack — she pulled out the most offensive smelling enchilada wraps. I mean these things literally filled up the plane with the strongest odor of food I have even smelled.. even with a bit of curry for good measure.

In my opinion, I just don’t find this necessary. I feel like on a plane, where you are in a small compartment with many other people, you should take into consideration that maybe not everyone on the plane wants to smell your food. Next time, whip out a bag of potato chips — and not Doritos.

2. The ‘rush to exit the plane while pushing everyone else out of the way’ person:

I know, we have all just sat in a very uncomfortable seat for an extended period of time and are anxious to get the eff off the plane. However, I think it is plane etiquette that the plane empty out from front to back. Don’t be in such a rush that you block me in my aisle so I can’t get to my carry-on and get off the plane too. It really will only take a few more moments, and I don’t think you will die waiting just one more minute.

3. The seat hogger

This one really drives me crazy. It is almost like people think because I don’t take every inch of my seat, they can just help themselves to my seat as well. I am a firm believer in personal space, and I don’t like it when the person next to me has both arms on the armrest; practically sitting on my lap. We each have our own seat for a reason…

4. The Seat Kicker:

It seems that no matter where I go, what airline I fly, I always, always get the seat kicker. On both flights to and from Mexico on our last trip, I had the pleasure of a seat kicker. It was like every 4 minutes I would get a nice kick to the back of my seat. Of course, I would love to say that it was a child, and said child didn’t know better. But nope, it was two middle-aged men BOTH times. I don’t get it, do you not feel your foot ramming the seat in front of you?

and lastly,

5. The Crying Child

This one is tricky. I understand small babies are babies and all they do is eat, shit, and cry but when your in enclosed space for a lenghty amount time, a crying baby can really drive me to crazy. Especially when I can hear the cries  from over my headphones, that are blasting so loud in my ears I leave the plane with an earache. However, I am not a parent and therefore know diddly squat about children… but a child crying for 4 hours non-stop? Is that normal?? Whatever it is, it does serve me a personal purpose: birth control.



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So, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today but had the urge to write. Good thing I had to go food shopping and it sparked my post for today: shit that annoys me at the grocery store. I am sure some of you sympathize.

1) Aisle Blockers

We all have seen these gems at the grocery store: Talking on their cell phones, reading box labels, or looking for an item way down the aisle all while completely blocking aisle. These people drive me crazy, and I have resisted the urge many times to move them out of the way myself.

2) Terrifying Kids

Now, not being a “kid person” may influence my annoyance about this one but there is nothing worse than being near a kid in the grocery store who is having a complete meltdown. Of course, I get that being a parent is hard work but I guess feel that if you can hear a kid screaming because they can’t have chips throughout the whole store and the temper tantrum lasts more than like, 8 minutes, maybe a parent should take their child outside.

3) Express Lane Abusers

I will admit, that I have gone through the ’12 items or less’ lane with maybe 2 extra before. My number 3 is not those people. Number 3 is about the people that have a grocery cart overflowing with groceries. These people know they have a lot more than 12 items, but just do not care. This just means those of us with a gallon of milk to purchase are shit out of luck.

4) Oops, I forgot…

Have you ever been in the line at the grocery store, your items half on the conveyor belt when the person proclaims, “oh I just have to run and get ___ I’ll be right back!” Yea, this is asinine. If someone forgets something, they shouldn’t be able to hold up the line for 20 minutes for 20 minutes while they go and search for whatever they want.

5) Checking Out.

I feel like every time I go grocery shopping the store has like 1 cashier open. The rest of the ‘open’ lines are self-checkout. Now, in theory self-checkout lines would be a brilliant and time consuming part of shopping … if they actually worked! I am pretty sure 98% of the times I have used a self-checkout machine it has stopped working and turned into a huge fiasco.

I am sure myself and everyone else out there could come up with a few more to add to this list. This list is what I encountered just today while shopping! There is also the customer who holds the line up by sitting there and having a full blown conversation with the cashier. Or what about the coupon-crazy lady? I am all for the extreme-coupon craze and can appreciate a good savings – but if someone is going to spend 30 minutes organizing and using their coupons; then maybe they need to open a separate line. And of course, I forgot to mentions the gems that decide to wait until their entire order is bagged to deem it necessary to ‘put a couple things back’…

Am I forgetting anything? What annoys you most about food shopping?


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Well friends, it is that time again! Time for another edition of ‘stuff that’s annoying’. I know, I know I blog about a lot shit that is annoying – but I would rather vent my frustrations here than lose it like some psycho.

I realize that we all have our “style” in regards to the gym. The following list is just what annoys me and a fellow gym-goer may not mind any of the following:


1. Not cleaning off a machine / Putting Away Weights

This is one of the grossest things about the gym. There have been so many times where I have watched someone get off of the treadmill or elliptical, drenched in sweat, and then they just … walk away. Clearly, I joined the gym to workout in someone else’s sweat. I also joined the gym to practically kill myself trying to put away someone else’s weights.

2. The Cell Phone Talker

We have all come in contact with the ‘cell abuser’. I understand that sometimes there are circumstances where one must use their cell phone at the gym. Yea, I am not talking about that. I am talking about the people that are constantly on their cell phone (talking super loud of course) and just yapping away. This is especially annoying on the cardio machines.. because yes, ma’am I would love to hear about how rash hasn’t cleared up yet.

3. Stinky People

I’m sorry there is no excuse for the some of the stank that comes of people in the gym. I am all for a great, sweaty workout but seriously, some of these people smell like they haven’t showered in weeks. It’s nauseating.

4. Is This a gym … or a club?

There really shouldn’t be a time where I walk into the gym and feel under-dressed. Some of the outfits that gym goers where look like something I would see at a bar. Ultra revealing clothing is just not necessary. And gentlemen, ultra short shorts are also unnecessary.

5. Social Hour

I am not sure why anyone would want to hang out in a sweat-smelling, super hot place like the gym, but judging by the amount of people who just stand around and socialize .. seems to be a really popular hangout. Funny, I just can’t hop on that wagon.

What annoys you about the gym?

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I was originally going to call this post “Why January Sucks” but decided to just lob it into my ‘Stuff that’s Annoying’ series because – well – usually stuff that has an annoying factor also has a suck factor.

January and what sucks about it:

1. January Gym Joiners

Yes, I am going to say it: People that join the gym in January (for the most part) drive me freaking nuts. Now, I am not one to hate on anyone who is sincerely trying to better their health and therefore their lives by getting healthy. For the JJ’s that are actually serious about their new gym membership (and by serious I mean actually use said membership more than 5 times AFTER January) I truly applaud you. However for those joiners that are not serious about the gym, get out of my way. If I have to deal with one more person just standing around and not doing anything but taking up prime gym floor space I may lose my shit… As someone who goes to the gym regularly, the spike in gym attendance can be somewhat irritating. There, I said it.


2. Spring Semester Starts


After a lengthy break, it is back to school for us college kids. THIS is a total game changer because you have just now gotten used to not having homework, studying, and being a worry wort about your next exam. This is especially sucky because, for some reason, the spring semester always seems to move at a snails pace where the Fall semester flys by.

3. It is cold as balls out.


January is a brutal month. Most people think February is the worst but in reality, it is usually the shortest month, the Superbowl is on, and there is a nice love holiday to break it up. January is just COLD. It is the kind of cold that you feel in the root of your teeth. The kind of biting cold that goes through every pair of pants you own. So cold that running from the car to the supermarket makes you feel like you want to die. Yea, that kind of cold. (Just a note: you may want to take into consideration that I am complete wuss when dealing with cold weather. Chilly to me is 70 degrees F. so I may be the only one who thinks it is, in fact, that cold)


One thing that does not suck about this January? The return of one of my favorite trash reality shows: Mob Wives. Hell mother-effing yes.

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It’s that time again kids, time for another edition of stuff that’s annoying! This edition is dedicated to the holidays. Now before someone has a heart attack; I love the holidays (especially Thanksgiving) just as much as the next gal in line. However there a few things about the holiday season that peeve me to know end:

1. Signs of Christmas way to early…

I walked into the local pharmacy on Halloween and was instantly attacked with holiday and christmas decorations. What? Halloween hadn’t even passed, let alone Thanksgiving and there was an abundance of red and green staring at me. These days, stores (and some people) show signs of Christmas way to early. Christmas carols on the radio beginning on November 1st? Too early. Christmas movies on TV the day after Halloween? Too early.

2. Retail Rage

Shopping during the holidays is not for the weak. The shoppers that come out for Black Friday and beyond can take you out with one quick shopping cart strike. It is actually kind of scary the rage that comes out in people during the holidays… Calm down shoppers. IT WILL BE OK.

3. The Holiday Haters

You know who I’m talking about. The people that are constantly telling anyone who will listen that they “hate” Christmas. The ones that just make the holiday season absolutely miserable. And if you are one of those people, great. Good for you. However, let it be known that most people around you enjoy this time of season and don’t want to hear about your hatred for this time of year. So stop being an friggen Grinch.

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