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It’s that time again kids, time for another edition of stuff that’s annoying! This edition is dedicated to the holidays. Now before someone has a heart attack; I love the holidays (especially Thanksgiving) just as much as the next gal in line. However there a few things about the holiday season that peeve me to know end:

1. Signs of Christmas way to early…

I walked into the local pharmacy on Halloween and was instantly attacked with holiday and christmas decorations. What? Halloween hadn’t even passed, let alone Thanksgiving and there was an abundance of red and green staring at me. These days, stores (and some people) show signs of Christmas way to early. Christmas carols on the radio beginning on November 1st? Too early. Christmas movies on TV the day after Halloween? Too early.

2. Retail Rage

Shopping during the holidays is not for the weak. The shoppers that come out for Black Friday and beyond can take you out with one quick shopping cart strike. It is actually kind of scary the rage that comes out in people during the holidays… Calm down shoppers. IT WILL BE OK.

3. The Holiday Haters

You know who I’m talking about. The people that are constantly telling anyone who will listen that they “hate” Christmas. The ones that just make the holiday season absolutely miserable. And if you are one of those people, great. Good for you. However, let it be known that most people around you enjoy this time of season and don’t want to hear about your hatred for this time of year. So stop being an friggen Grinch.


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