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Best Body Bootcamp may be my new favorite workout program. I have to give major props to Tina because you can tell that she really put the time and thought into the program for us.


Week 1 of the Best Body Bootcamp went fabulous for me. Tina not only incorporates workouts into the program but also personal goals. I am going to recap this past week into the workout aspect as well as the goal aspect.

Up first, exercise:

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I went to the gym and completed Tina’s workouts (A, B, & C) I also did interval workouts on the elliptical on those 3 days as well. On Tuesday and Thursday I headed to the gym and did some steady-state cardio on the elliptical for about 45 minutes (each day). I switched up the time on the elliptical(s) I used because I get bored. I split my time between the precor (with and without arms) and arc trainer. I took my rest day on Saturday of this week and on Sunday did some light cardio for about 30 mins.


My goals this week were both diet related.

Goal 1: My first goal was to increase my daily water intake. I am kind of bad about getting enough water daily, so this was a no-brainer for me. I increased my water on every day this week (I measured this by the number of times I filled my nalgene water bottle up)

Goal 2: My second goal was to increase my protein intake daily. Protein and I have a love/hate relationship. I get the majority of my protein from dairy but not nearly as much as I should be eating. I am a carb lover through and through and choose carbs over anything else almost every time. This week I tried to incorporate some chicken and turkey into my diet. I was successful on everyday except Wednesday and Saturday. This is progress people.


Week 2 plans include keeping the same goals as week 1. I was going to change them but decided not too, and am going to keep it in the 2 week format of the workouts. I also think that having the water and protein makes me more aware of my intake and I would really like to have these goals become habits (that stick!)


I am currently watching Hurricane Sandy make her way through the Boston area. So far, it has been a lot of wind and rain but nothing too damaging (yet!). Fingers crossed that everyone on the East Coast stays safe during Sandy’s time here!

– Amy




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Or some months. Not sure if its just me but i feel like i went to sleep in May and woke up in September. The summer went by oh so fast and before i knew it – school was about to begin. Buh. Even though I am only taking two classes, the commute to SSU is a major pain in the ass. Oh and of course, the nonstop rain that has been lingering here for about two weeks has been making me even more the bitch so that’s always fun (more for Tommy than i, obviously) It even got to be a lovely 30 degrees this past Saturday. Yes, you read that correct. 30 degrees in October. Suhweet. However the cold didn’t stop me from heading out early Saturday morning to participate in the Boston Brain Tumor Walk:

Boston Brain Tumor Walk

It was such beautiful day – albeit bit of a chilly start – and the walk took us around Castle Island in Boston (on the water). The love felt at this event was inspiring and true. (A good friend of mine lost her brother so supporting her and ‘Team Todd’ made this day even more special)

– – – – – – – – – – –

Anywho back to why I am sitting in front of the screen typing up a post…

I have been a reader of Tina Reale’s blog(s) for quite a while now and have seen raving reviews in regards to her Best Body Bootcamp program that she offers online.

Ever since I finished Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer, I have been in limbo at the gym. I am so the type of the person that finds it so much easier to follow a pre written plan of workouts. I think that is why I loved doing the trainer so much – I didn’t have to worry about what I was going to do at the gym each day.

I decided to get back on the ol’ blog train for a couple of reasons:

1. I actually miss being able to come to my teeny-tiny corner of the blog world bitch and complain about anything/everything.

2. I wanted to document my time and experiences while doing Best Body Bootcamp.

3. I need a place write down my wedding crap ideas.

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Chemical Confessions

I have been reading a lot of magazines lately (and not just my trashy gossip mags) and I feel like in every single health and fitness magazine I read there is an article on artificial sweetener and/or corn syrup/sugar. These articles got me thinking about my own diet and sweetener use. Even though I try and limit my sugar and corn syrup consumption, I am guilty of artificial sweetener use. On most days, I don’t eat too much “processed” food; however my downfall? Beverages. Without a doubt. oh and candy, I fricken love candy.

I will start my confessions with my morning beverage: coffee. I am a big coffee lover and drink it daily. Unfortunately, I sweeten in with the devil:


                                                                                                                                                             My morning cup of joe… In a soup bowl cuz thats how I roll.

I know. I know. Splenda is just a big bunch of chemicals that I are pumping through my body as I type this. But, I can’t help it. I have tried and tried to use truvia to sweeten my coffee but I just don’t like the way it makes my coffee taste. And starting out with a bad cup of coffee in the beginning of the day could quite possibly cause my whole day to be out of whack. And I just can’t have that.

On a more positive note, usually, for my other “sweetener” purposes I use Truvia:



Now, when I say usually I mean I use truvia for the following things: sweeten fruit (like blueberries and strawberries), sweeten up greek yogurt (it is just too tart for me), baking, and pretty much anything else that requires sugar. I try to limit my pure sugar consumption because once I get my paws on it – shit gets ugly really quick. This is especially true for candy like sweedish fish, gummy bears (Haribo of course) and sour patch kids. When I travel, I usually have a gigantic bag of penny candy – and I enjoy each and every minute of my sugar high.

My next confession? Drinks. I am huge flavored beverage drinker. I usually don’t drink diet soda, but do drink a ton of flavored waters and sports drinks:


Yea, so you can see I am pretty much pumping myself with artificial sweeteners all day long. The vitamin water zero says that it is “naturally sweetened” with Stevia, but I take that information with a grain of salt because I have heard other stories about my beloved vitamin water that I really don’t even want to type out; and therefore read. The Powerade Zero and Mio water flavoring is chock full of sucralose and other scary chemicals. Other regulars in my thirst quenching rotation is Propel Zero and Lifewater Zero.

So, needless to say, I am a self-proclaimed chemical lover. Am I ashamed? Nope. Because, hey it could be worse…


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Well friends, it is that time again! Time for another edition of ‘stuff that’s annoying’. I know, I know I blog about a lot shit that is annoying – but I would rather vent my frustrations here than lose it like some psycho.

I realize that we all have our “style” in regards to the gym. The following list is just what annoys me and a fellow gym-goer may not mind any of the following:


1. Not cleaning off a machine / Putting Away Weights

This is one of the grossest things about the gym. There have been so many times where I have watched someone get off of the treadmill or elliptical, drenched in sweat, and then they just … walk away. Clearly, I joined the gym to workout in someone else’s sweat. I also joined the gym to practically kill myself trying to put away someone else’s weights.

2. The Cell Phone Talker

We have all come in contact with the ‘cell abuser’. I understand that sometimes there are circumstances where one must use their cell phone at the gym. Yea, I am not talking about that. I am talking about the people that are constantly on their cell phone (talking super loud of course) and just yapping away. This is especially annoying on the cardio machines.. because yes, ma’am I would love to hear about how rash hasn’t cleared up yet.

3. Stinky People

I’m sorry there is no excuse for the some of the stank that comes of people in the gym. I am all for a great, sweaty workout but seriously, some of these people smell like they haven’t showered in weeks. It’s nauseating.

4. Is This a gym … or a club?

There really shouldn’t be a time where I walk into the gym and feel under-dressed. Some of the outfits that gym goers where look like something I would see at a bar. Ultra revealing clothing is just not necessary. And gentlemen, ultra short shorts are also unnecessary.

5. Social Hour

I am not sure why anyone would want to hang out in a sweat-smelling, super hot place like the gym, but judging by the amount of people who just stand around and socialize .. seems to be a really popular hangout. Funny, I just can’t hop on that wagon.

What annoys you about the gym?

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