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What a beautiful day it is today. In true New England fashion, it’s about 70 degrees out and sunny. A nice change from yesterdays rain. It’s been a busy day thus far, as I have already gone to the gym, gone food shopping, and cleaned house a bit. That’s much to activity for this girl right here before 1pm. Anyways, as I was food shopping (seriously, why did I think setting foot near a supermarket on a Saturday was a good idea?) I got to thinking about a few things that have left me saying Dude, WTF lately:

1. Invasion of personal space:

I know we all have that imaginary line around us – the one that symbolizes our personal little bubble; the one we don’t want randoms to cross. Well, I feel like more and more that line is being crossed (at least in my life). I was in the store paying for my coffee and not one but two women were so close to me they may as well been on top of me. There is nothing I dislike more than someone hovering over me for no reason. The store was empty other than us, why did they feel they needed to stand so flipping close to me? Why breathe on me? Why? Do people like that not realize that they are completely invading my space? Are their social situation skills not up to par?And what does one do what this happens? I, of course, called these women every name in the book out of frustration (in my head of course)..

2. Invasion of ‘Life Preachers’:

You may wondering what a “life preacher” (if you live on mars and didn’t get the title) this is a person that preaches about anything and everything from their crossfit workouts, their AA meetings,to their doctor’s lateness. Ah yes, I am sure one of us has met that awesome ‘crossfitter’ who is an absolute psycho path going on and on about their “box” and their “paleo diet”. In all seriousness, I have done a crossfit workout and really like the concept. However, I don’t like when people go all preachy preachy on me — about anything.

3. Lack of Personal Hygiene:

As a 28 year old, I should not have to even be writing this — especially about adults. But WTF is up with people and their lack of personal hygiene skills? I was in class the other day and actually had to LEAVE the class because I thought I was going to vomit due to the stank breath next to me. Seriously, I get the whole college kid thing but brushing your teeth is something you learn as a damn toddler. Gross. And of course, I am sure we have all had a brush in with the person that thinks deodorant is just a suggestion. Nope, not a suggestion and in fact it should be a mandatory part of being a human being.


– Ames



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I figured it was high time for another WTF post. These are a few of the things that have caused me to literally say to myself “dude, what the f*&k?”


1. Inappropriate use of UGG Boots

Now, I love my UGG boots. They are comfortable and warm, and especially useful in our cold New England winters. Lately I have seen UGGs being the main focal point for some ugly outfits. Specifically wearing UGG boots with shorts:

Um, this not only looks sloppy but all around ugly. Uggs are meant to keep you and feet warm. Not to be thrown on in the middle of summer just because you are lazy and couldn’t find your flip flops. I also have seen Uggs with oversized, worn-out sweatpants. Ok, this just makes you look like a homeless person. Uggs should NOT be paired with: shorts, sweatpants/tracksuits, and formal wear.

2.  Winter Fashion: Fur

What is up with all the faux fur? Especially the fur boots. I can 100% say that these boots that are taking over the fall/winter fashion trends are the ugliest things I have ever seen. They kind of remind me of something I would use to clean my floors.

3. Pointless Facebook Groups

Some of the Facebook groups and pages that have been popping up are just straight stupid. Like the Facebook page titled: Napkins. Really, who deemed it necessary to make a facebook page about napkins? Or how about the group about people who hate when one of their hoodie strings is longer than the other? The fact that someone had the time in their day to create this group makes me question the human race as a whole.

Of course, that is only the tip of the iceberg on the stupidity on Facebook…

– A

Q. Anything causing you to have your own ‘Dude, WTF’ moment?

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Dude. WTF

Doesn’t it always seem like it is the ‘little’ things in life that totally urk you – not a day ruiner but more like a WTF moment maker…   I know it is like that for me, so I figured I would focus on some of the things that have left me a bit perplexed as of late:



The first on my list is coincidentally in regards to those three letters above: WTF. Now, it is not the actual words that causes me to lose my mind because ask anyone who knows me I have the mouth like a truck driver, it is the whole internet and texting craze with using letters as shorthand for expressions etc. It is getting a little lot out of hand. Some examples that I have seen on the internet (ala Facebook, obviously) and via text:

WTF: What the F**K               SMH: Shake My Head          LML:Love My Life         FML: F**K my life              ATM: At the moment             IMU: I Miss You                    STFU: Shut the F up      LOL: Laughing out loud

Now, I could probably go on and on with this list and still not cover all of the annoying shorthand out there. And, don’t get me wrong, I am all for saving a bit of time or a few chracters in your text message but this is getting out of hand.

2) Recent Restaurant Trends:

I love food. I love going out to eat with my BF to a resturant and just get some “me and him time” over a drink and a good meal. Lately, our experiences going out to eat have been sub-par at best…

I am in no way a picky diner. I am pretty chill and usually do not have any crazy demands – the only exception is that I am a plain kind of person. Usually if I order something I do have make a change or two to it,by omitting something I don’t like (like tomatoes or onions – blech) One thing that I have noticed lately more and more is that servers aren’t writing orders down, and instead just thinking they can memorize it. Now, if the waitstaff could actually do this and get my order right, things would be fine and dandy…but they suck; so they can’t. Therefore, almost every single time I go out to eat something with our order isn’t correct. Then, when we have to send our item back, our super-waitress who was too cool to write down our correct order in the first place, gets snippy with me. Really?


Other trends that are just plain annoying in the restaurant business:                                                                                               *Having to play tag with my waiter just to get a glass of ice water  *Having to pay for a bread basket  = LAME.


Yup. I am going to go there. Briefly, of course because I am just as big a fan of some reality shows as the next American however I feel like the content of some of these shows is really pushing the “someone actually gives a shit?” limit. I think it is bad enough that the Jersey Shore Cast makes more money for one season than most hardworking Americans yearly, but to each their own and clearly people are watching. But when I turn on the tv and see a reality show that follows some Rock/Flavor/Daisy/Real Chance of Love show (I mean, seriously, 4 different version of the same show?!?!) I can’t but help but roll my eyes. Of course, not all reality shows are created equally…


Some are just dumber than others.


Q. Anything leaving you saying WTF lately?

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