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Best Body Bootcamp may be my new favorite workout program. I have to give major props to Tina because you can tell that she really put the time and thought into the program for us.


Week 1 of the Best Body Bootcamp went fabulous for me. Tina not only incorporates workouts into the program but also personal goals. I am going to recap this past week into the workout aspect as well as the goal aspect.

Up first, exercise:

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I went to the gym and completed Tina’s workouts (A, B, & C) I also did interval workouts on the elliptical on those 3 days as well. On Tuesday and Thursday I headed to the gym and did some steady-state cardio on the elliptical for about 45 minutes (each day). I switched up the time on the elliptical(s) I used because I get bored. I split my time between the precor (with and without arms) and arc trainer. I took my rest day on Saturday of this week and on Sunday did some light cardio for about 30 mins.


My goals this week were both diet related.

Goal 1: My first goal was to increase my daily water intake. I am kind of bad about getting enough water daily, so this was a no-brainer for me. I increased my water on every day this week (I measured this by the number of times I filled my nalgene water bottle up)

Goal 2: My second goal was to increase my protein intake daily. Protein and I have a love/hate relationship. I get the majority of my protein from dairy but not nearly as much as I should be eating. I am a carb lover through and through and choose carbs over anything else almost every time. This week I tried to incorporate some chicken and turkey into my diet. I was successful on everyday except Wednesday and Saturday. This is progress people.


Week 2 plans include keeping the same goals as week 1. I was going to change them but decided not too, and am going to keep it in the 2 week format of the workouts. I also think that having the water and protein makes me more aware of my intake and I would really like to have these goals become habits (that stick!)


I am currently watching Hurricane Sandy make her way through the Boston area. So far, it has been a lot of wind and rain but nothing too damaging (yet!). Fingers crossed that everyone on the East Coast stays safe during Sandy’s time here!

– Amy




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