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I can’t believe we are already done with phase 1 of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp! Man, time really is flying. How is it already November?

ImageI actually thought that with Hurricane Sandy and Halloween – this week would be all sorts of crazy but it wasn’t. Speaking of Sandy, my heart truly aches for the victims of the storm. The devastation that I have seen on the news and in pictures is heartbreaking. Boston got nothing compared to other East Coast communities. We had some power outages and flooding but that is about it.


On Monday and Tuesday, our gym was closed due to no power. So Monday I had improvise on my workout A and use the gym at our complex. I didn’t have a stability ball, so used the wall and the machines for some of the moves. Even with the little gym snafu – this week rocked for me in terms of workouts. I worked out Monday – Saturday alternating between prescribed workouts and 45 minutes of steady state cardio. I rested today (Sunday) and it was glorious…


I am actually pretty proud of myself for kicking some serious bootay in the goal department. I got in my increased water and protein on the majority of the days… albeit I was chugging water like a champ on a few nights before bed but I was determined to get that H2o in!

What’s to come:

I am so flipping excited after taking a peek at the workouts for Phase 2. I have only dabbled in ladder workouts so that is the part I am most excited about. My goals for the next week are going to be basic but important: I need to work on getting to bed before 11PM. I know that may seem late, but it is just how my sleep schedule is. I also need to work on remembering to take all my vitamins and supplements. For some reason I have been slacking big time with this and need to get my act together. Germ season is here and I do not want to end up sick!

-Here is to an even better phase than the last!



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