Best Body Week 2 Recap!

I can’t believe we are already done with phase 1 of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp! Man, time really is flying. How is it already November?

ImageI actually thought that with Hurricane Sandy and Halloween – this week would be all sorts of crazy but it wasn’t. Speaking of Sandy, my heart truly aches for the victims of the storm. The devastation that I have seen on the news and in pictures is heartbreaking. Boston got nothing compared to other East Coast communities. We had some power outages and flooding but that is about it.


On Monday and Tuesday, our gym was closed due to no power. So Monday I had improvise on my workout A and use the gym at our complex. I didn’t have a stability ball, so used the wall and the machines for some of the moves. Even with the little gym snafu – this week rocked for me in terms of workouts. I worked out Monday – Saturday alternating between prescribed workouts and 45 minutes of steady state cardio. I rested today (Sunday) and it was glorious…


I am actually pretty proud of myself for kicking some serious bootay in the goal department. I got in my increased water and protein on the majority of the days… albeit I was chugging water like a champ on a few nights before bed but I was determined to get that H2o in!

What’s to come:

I am so flipping excited after taking a peek at the workouts for Phase 2. I have only dabbled in ladder workouts so that is the part I am most excited about. My goals for the next week are going to be basic but important: I need to work on getting to bed before 11PM. I know that may seem late, but it is just how my sleep schedule is. I also need to work on remembering to take all my vitamins and supplements. For some reason I have been slacking big time with this and need to get my act together. Germ season is here and I do not want to end up sick!

-Here is to an even better phase than the last!


BBB: Week One Recap

Best Body Bootcamp may be my new favorite workout program. I have to give major props to Tina because you can tell that she really put the time and thought into the program for us.


Week 1 of the Best Body Bootcamp went fabulous for me. Tina not only incorporates workouts into the program but also personal goals. I am going to recap this past week into the workout aspect as well as the goal aspect.

Up first, exercise:

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I went to the gym and completed Tina’s workouts (A, B, & C) I also did interval workouts on the elliptical on those 3 days as well. On Tuesday and Thursday I headed to the gym and did some steady-state cardio on the elliptical for about 45 minutes (each day). I switched up the time on the elliptical(s) I used because I get bored. I split my time between the precor (with and without arms) and arc trainer. I took my rest day on Saturday of this week and on Sunday did some light cardio for about 30 mins.


My goals this week were both diet related.

Goal 1: My first goal was to increase my daily water intake. I am kind of bad about getting enough water daily, so this was a no-brainer for me. I increased my water on every day this week (I measured this by the number of times I filled my nalgene water bottle up)

Goal 2: My second goal was to increase my protein intake daily. Protein and I have a love/hate relationship. I get the majority of my protein from dairy but not nearly as much as I should be eating. I am a carb lover through and through and choose carbs over anything else almost every time. This week I tried to incorporate some chicken and turkey into my diet. I was successful on everyday except Wednesday and Saturday. This is progress people.


Week 2 plans include keeping the same goals as week 1. I was going to change them but decided not too, and am going to keep it in the 2 week format of the workouts. I also think that having the water and protein makes me more aware of my intake and I would really like to have these goals become habits (that stick!)


I am currently watching Hurricane Sandy make her way through the Boston area. So far, it has been a lot of wind and rain but nothing too damaging (yet!). Fingers crossed that everyone on the East Coast stays safe during Sandy’s time here!

– Amy



Dude. WTF? (part 3)

What a beautiful day it is today. In true New England fashion, it’s about 70 degrees out and sunny. A nice change from yesterdays rain. It’s been a busy day thus far, as I have already gone to the gym, gone food shopping, and cleaned house a bit. That’s much to activity for this girl right here before 1pm. Anyways, as I was food shopping (seriously, why did I think setting foot near a supermarket on a Saturday was a good idea?) I got to thinking about a few things that have left me saying Dude, WTF lately:

1. Invasion of personal space:

I know we all have that imaginary line around us – the one that symbolizes our personal little bubble; the one we don’t want randoms to cross. Well, I feel like more and more that line is being crossed (at least in my life). I was in the store paying for my coffee and not one but two women were so close to me they may as well been on top of me. There is nothing I dislike more than someone hovering over me for no reason. The store was empty other than us, why did they feel they needed to stand so flipping close to me? Why breathe on me? Why? Do people like that not realize that they are completely invading my space? Are their social situation skills not up to par?And what does one do what this happens? I, of course, called these women every name in the book out of frustration (in my head of course)..

2. Invasion of ‘Life Preachers’:

You may wondering what a “life preacher” (if you live on mars and didn’t get the title) this is a person that preaches about anything and everything from their crossfit workouts, their AA meetings,to their doctor’s lateness. Ah yes, I am sure one of us has met that awesome ‘crossfitter’ who is an absolute psycho path going on and on about their “box” and their “paleo diet”. In all seriousness, I have done a crossfit workout and really like the concept. However, I don’t like when people go all preachy preachy on me — about anything.

3. Lack of Personal Hygiene:

As a 28 year old, I should not have to even be writing this — especially about adults. But WTF is up with people and their lack of personal hygiene skills? I was in class the other day and actually had to LEAVE the class because I thought I was going to vomit due to the stank breath next to me. Seriously, I get the whole college kid thing but brushing your teeth is something you learn as a damn toddler. Gross. And of course, I am sure we have all had a brush in with the person that thinks deodorant is just a suggestion. Nope, not a suggestion and in fact it should be a mandatory part of being a human being.


– Ames


Oh reality TV – how I love thee. There is a serious amount of shitty TV on at the moment and I am in heaven. I really cannot get enough it. I figured I should at least pay some tribute to the shows that serve as a major time suck in my life both past and present crap included:

  • The Real Housewives of —-> Insert place here (Orange County, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, Miami)

I have been a religious viewer of the original pilot of this show (Orange County) and have been hooked from the beginning. Once the spinoff’s started happening, I had no problem jumping on board. How can a person not enjoy a bunch of bat-shit crazy women? Of course, each spinoff has it’s merits and some are better than others. RHONJ (housewives of New Jersey) was especially insane this past season because Teresa literally lives in an alternate universe and watching her is mind-blowing (literally)…

  • Bad Girls Club:

Another one of my favorites is the Bad Girls Club. Oh my goodness. This show has actually been based in Mexico this past season and got violent as a mofo. I don’t remember the girls being able to kick the crap out of each other, but this past season that is all they did. It was almost like watching the WWE Wrestling. And although I cannot lie and say I don’t love this show for the mere fact that it makes me looks sane and “normal” – the beautiful views of Cabo in Mexico were an added bonus!

  • Jersey Shore:

Obviously I couldn’t do this post without mentioning Jersey Shore. Yes, I am guilty of watching however for my own pride, that is all I am going to say.


Ok, these next ones I just started watching and am not ‘sold’ just yet:

  • Honey Boo Boo

I may get some slack for this one but I did watch a few (ok maybe all) of the episodes of this show about Honey Boo Boo child. Now, I watched it because I found her entertaining and I also watched it because I couldn’t get over daily life for this family in the south. It was like they didn’t live in America because it was so different than where I live (Boston)..

  • Wedding Shows

Before I started planning my wedding, I wouldn’t have been caught dead watching these shows about finding a dress and competing weddings. However, as of late I find myself landing on one of these shows and not immediately changing the channel. I can say that I am not a Bridezilla in the least and the show Four Weddings has actually given my a few ideas for my own big day…

  • Big Brother:

Another show I got hooked on was Big Brother. I have always dabbled in this show but this year I got fully enthralled and found myself screaming at my tv when my favorites were sent home.

I wonder how many others are [closet] reality show fans…

It’s Been a Minute…

Or some months. Not sure if its just me but i feel like i went to sleep in May and woke up in September. The summer went by oh so fast and before i knew it – school was about to begin. Buh. Even though I am only taking two classes, the commute to SSU is a major pain in the ass. Oh and of course, the nonstop rain that has been lingering here for about two weeks has been making me even more the bitch so that’s always fun (more for Tommy than i, obviously) It even got to be a lovely 30 degrees this past Saturday. Yes, you read that correct. 30 degrees in October. Suhweet. However the cold didn’t stop me from heading out early Saturday morning to participate in the Boston Brain Tumor Walk:

Boston Brain Tumor Walk

It was such beautiful day – albeit bit of a chilly start – and the walk took us around Castle Island in Boston (on the water). The love felt at this event was inspiring and true. (A good friend of mine lost her brother so supporting her and ‘Team Todd’ made this day even more special)

– – – – – – – – – – –

Anywho back to why I am sitting in front of the screen typing up a post…

I have been a reader of Tina Reale’s blog(s) for quite a while now and have seen raving reviews in regards to her Best Body Bootcamp program that she offers online.

Ever since I finished Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer, I have been in limbo at the gym. I am so the type of the person that finds it so much easier to follow a pre written plan of workouts. I think that is why I loved doing the trainer so much – I didn’t have to worry about what I was going to do at the gym each day.

I decided to get back on the ol’ blog train for a couple of reasons:

1. I actually miss being able to come to my teeny-tiny corner of the blog world bitch and complain about anything/everything.

2. I wanted to document my time and experiences while doing Best Body Bootcamp.

3. I need a place write down my wedding crap ideas.

Summer is by far my favorite time of year. Unlike most New Englanders, I actually LOVE the humidity and the 95 degree days. When Summer actually starts here in the Bean is up for debate. By the end of April, most of us are so miserable due to the winter that we usually ‘pretend’ the weather is summer-like. That is when things get sketchy: girls in booty shorts, flip flops worn in 50 degree weather, guys in cut off jean shorts circa 1990. You get the idea. And I would love to be able to say that things get better here as the real summer weather approaches, but it doesn’t. It just gets worse…

Shit that’s Annoying about People in the Summer:

1. Big Sunglasses

I am all for rocking out a pair of nice sunglasses, especially during the summer. A good pair of sunglasses can you from feeling drab to fab in minutes. That being said, sunglasses are just like any other thing you were: they need to ‘fit’ you. Sadly, a whole lot of people missed the memo on this one (men included) and both sexes are wearing some big-ass sunglasses this summer. Some of the sunglasses I have seen are absolutely, positively too big and look, well..  dumb. My feeling is that if your sunglasses literally take up half of your face, you may want to consider getting a smaller pair. Unless you have something to hide…

2.  Tanning

This has to split in two because it just that serious, clearly (thanks Jersey Shore)

Sunless Tanning:

I understand the spray tanning phenomenon, I really do. People are flocking to spray tanning salons because they aren’t really feeling the whole skin cancer thing. That’s cool. What is not cool, however, is all the people walking around looking like they just rolled around in a bag of Doritos. This whole “I am orange and my face and body look dirty” look I am just not understanding…

Extreme Tanning:

Personally, I like a summer glow. I don’t like walking around completely pale, and with a SPF 30 I can still get that summer glow without looking like a complete leather-face. However, I draw the line at those who spend their entire ‘tanning’. It is like the Snooki wanna-be’s are taking over the world..

I also don’t understand those that people I see at the pool and beach who are completely sunburned from head to toe (and still out in the sun) These smarty pants must the people that completely convince themselves that they are brown when they really are red… You know who I am talking about; everyone knows one.

3.  Unnecessary Skin Showing

Summer = warmer weather = less clothing. I get it. I really do. This is more about those that deem it necessary to walk around with their ass hanging out of their shorts/skirts. Or better yet, think I want to see them walking around in public in their two-sizes-too-small swim suit on (and nothing else) Please don’t get me wrong, I am all for embracing our bodies and rocking what our mama’s gave us but on the other side of that, I also feel it is important to know what works for us and what doesn’t and think that we should keep our bodies sacred and not walk around with everything hanging out all over the place…

Girl on Girl Hate

The other night I was channel surfing and came across the movie, Mean Girls. The movie depicts female, high school social cliques and the brutality and cattiness of the “mean” (aka popular) girls. The movie plot got me thinking about that cattiness that doesn’t end in high school but only just begins, and how women seem to be life-long members of cattiness club. Stupid movie as it may be, it got me thinking about why women are so catty towards each other…

Lately I am beginning to think that it is actually in our nature to be bitches. I mean, it has to be right? Women are the only creatures that instantaneously hate another woman without even knowing a thing about her — only judging her for how she looks and what she has.  I don’t think there is one woman out there who can claim that she has never made a snap fashion judgement to herself (“What is she wearing!) or worse said it out loud. I am included in this group so don’t think I am going all “high and mighty” here. Because I am not. I have definitely taken place in girl on girl hate before (especially in high school), and have only recently started to be more aware of these bitchy auto-thoughts. Perhaps it was four years ago, when a teenager entered my life and I saw how girls were through her eyes. Or maybe it is that I am just growing up. Regardless of the reason, I definitely make it point to be aware of the things I think and say; and therefore try to correct myself if I find myself drinking the haterade.

I had a nice dose of girl on girl hate a couple years back by my supposed close friends and more recently by a woman who I didn’t know from a hole in the wall at a bar a couple weekends ago. Since then I came up with my own list on why *I* think woman are catty (this is only my opinion so please take it with a grain of salt as I could be full of shit crap)



Why bitches be bitches:

1) Women are jealous. Plain and simple. They are so jealous of other women and what they have that they can barely stand themselves. This is where the cattiness comes in. To counteract the fact that they can’t stand themselves, they must try and bring other woman down to their level.

2) Women feel insecure about themselves; therefore make themselves feel better by believing others are more flawed than them. Envy monsters with low self-esteem like pointing out the flaws of others to lessen their feelings of inferiority; and increases false feelings of superiority. Women feel superior to other women if they believe they are physically more attractive.

3) Women are competitive. They compete with themselves and compete with other woman on every level possible (personal, societal etc). Envy monsters usually have a warped view of the world; and think that if a woman has something she envies and wants (mate, job, family, life) – her chances of getting that same thing are lessened. (you know, because the world is such a small and all)


Like I said earlier, I am not preaching on a soap box by any means. I guess I just feel that the cattiness we are all too familiar with is unnecessary. I think that hating on anyone is just plain exhausting and not worth it to me. In this life, there is always going to be someone is who is prettier than me, skinnier, richer, has a better wardrobe etc and I am OK with that. Live and let live, right?